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Witch - Episode 1.06 - Burn

[We zoom in on Tara’s sleeping face her eyes gently flutter open and shimmer, teasing themselves open. She quickly sits up and looks around at her surroundings in bewilderment.]

Tara: Where-

[Abruptly cut to: Ezra’s face.]

Ezra: Are we?


The witches have been banished away from home…

Rina: Then top marks to David Blaine the second, cos this is really freaking me out.

Kaspar: [simply] We’re in the Colonial period.


To another time…

Woman 1: [to Woman 3] You know what Muriel, I ‘eard ‘em talkin’, I know she’s always been one o’ them.

Woman 2: I knew she were trouble from the beginnin’.

Muriel: You’re dirty you are, ought to be thrown to the dogs.


Father: You’re a disobedient daughter. You mix with people of darkness, you meddle in the arts of the Devil… You know they execute people like you here. You’re lost to the evil.

A time where witches are persecuted. And nowhere is safe.


And all they can do…

Elizabeth: Could it be a possibility that I could go back with you, if we get past all this havoc that is. For a better life. A better future.

Tara: [with a smile] Maybe…

Is hope.


[Kaspar sees a shadowed figure walking up the path to the witch hunters’ house. The figure gets further and further into the light above the door, further, further, further…]

Kaspar: Oh my god…

[Fade to black.]

Thunder cracks…

Witch – 1.06 “Burn”


Witch - first episode (1.01) and previous episode (1.05)
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